If offering cross-selling and related products can be a good way to increase your sales

If you offer Prestashop related products, similar or complementary products together expect at least two things: Increase your sales and not lose customers. The principle of cross-selling is the related products module and offer similar products or complementary products in addition to the one your visitor is consulting.Do not forget that most visitors to your online store come directly to a product page (through Google or through an advertising campaign) and not to the home page or a category page. To identify related products, simply expect that after you have added the product you are viewing; your customer will add the complementary product.The practice of Prestashop cross-selling is quite good because here we find that our main product is something, for example a “laptop” and that the complementary products are those that the client took, for example: “a protector and a mouse.”

So far, there are no problems, we identify the product and the complementary product, as well as its quantity. If you have done things correctly Prestashop cross-selling products, the visitor comes to the product sheet you want to buy, in which case we will understand even better the need not to embarrass you with similar products when your choice has already made it.
The key to the success of cross-selling is basically when buying running shoes; we offer socks that prevent blisters. You buy a new mobile phone and we offer housing that protects you from the risk of falls. Think about it and you will notice that many virtual stores where you buy products offer this style. And that each time, the benefits of complementary products are presented.

In another case, the seller offers similar products of the same category in the product sheet and says that if the product that the visitor is currently viewing does not like it, you will see that there are other products of the same type that could be chosen in one of them. This module related products allow you to display on the card of a product all the other products of its category.If you decide to do it with similar products, you will have to limit the number of products on offer to avoid your visitors drowning in too many options and end up leaving your site confused by not having to choose.